We engage to uphold these, above all else:

  • Equality of all people
  • Respectful collaboration
  • Mutually established consent

You are welcome here. This is a safe space.

Our Pledge

Spectre seeks primarily to enable personal security, liability and liberty for all people equally, regardless of birth, creed, preference, opinion, body, age, heritage, ability, status, education, experience, nationality or identity.

We pledge to moderate our own actions in accordance with these priorities:

When engaging with members of this community, or the larger global community in the name of or in association with Spectre, we communicate with respect, grace, patience, understanding and empathy exclusively. We engage only in a context, manner and topic for which prior mutual consent is established.

Invitation for participation in this effort is extended to all those who are interested in Spectre's mission, equally, but conditional upon acceptance of and adherence to this pledge and our rules of conduct.


We engage to:

  • Behave with kindness, empathy and understanding first and foremost
  • Respond with patience, kind assumptions and graceful language
  • Embracing our mistakes with explicit validation and recognizing consequence
  • Place the wellbeing of the many above that of the few
  • Empower everyone's rights as granted under this pledge
  • Duly and to the full extent of our knowledge report any pledge violations


Community leadership assumes the full responsibility for monitoring, enabling notification of and conducting complete and timely investigation into any and all reports of incidents in violation of this code of conduct within the Spectre community as well as within the global community in the name of or in association with Spectre.

Any violations may be reported to our enforcement officer:

Maarten Billemont <>

Reports may be made anonymously, by Spectre community members or members of the global community. Please include any and all legally acquired facts and information that may assist in a thorough evaluation of your report.

Any members of the Spectre community may be contacted by Spectre's enforcement officer in private to seek verification of any claims.

Reports and enforcement conversations are held in *maximum confidentiality*. Both the officer and all members under this pledge commit to respecting this confidentiality to the maximum extent of the law. This confidentiality does
not dissolve upon conclusion of the investigation.

No information is shared barring prior consent by those who shared it with the enforcement officer, not with the public or in any enforcement conversations.


Spectre reserves the right to take the following actions pursuant to the enforcement of this code of conduct:

  • Issue private warnings to any community members
  • Modify community messages by any community members, leaving an action notice where modifications were made
  • Modify code made by any community members
  • Temporarily or permanently limit or revoke the rights of any community member.


This code of conduct is licensed under the CC BY 4.0.

Feel free to share, re-use or adapt these rules of conduct for use in your own communities.