Spectre comes with a set of password templates to choose from. These templates have been designed specifically to allow you to balance between security and the limitations imposed by restrictive website password policies.

That said, given the wide variety of websites on the Internet, it's impossible to capture every use case perfectly. For this reason, there is some interest in picking your own password template specifically tuned for passwords you like or fit the website's policy more closely.

Spectre does not currently allow you to specify or customize your site's password template.

This choice was made deliberately. You may be wondering why.

  1. The primary objective of the Spectre solution is to liberate you from state.
    State is anything that needs to be saved or stored somewhere and cannot be easily recovered if it becomes lost.
  2. Custom password templates or policies would need to be saved.
    Every custom-made password template would need to have its template configuration saved somewhere. This state will make it impossible for you to recover your password in the absence of the template configuration.
  3. Spectre's preset templates are a careful balancing act.
    Since the Spectre password template you choose for your site needs to be remembered, it can also be thought of as state. That said, the very small amount of templates to choose from ensures that this state can be quite easily recovered if your password data is lost. This creates a careful balance between a stateful choice without sacrificing the benefits of stateless passwords.